0003_ AFTERTASTE | Simona Deaconescu (RO)

24.09.2015 (avanpremiere), 25 & 27.09.2015 (premiere)| 19:30 | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION
Duration: 60’


Choreography: Simona Deaconescu
Dramaturgical Support: Krõõt Juurak
Sound Design: Denis Bolborea
Visual Composition: Carmen Tofeni
Performers: Simona Dabija, Diana Spiridon
Producer: Tangaj Dance Collective
Co-producers: 4Culture, WASP-Working Art Space and Production

“Aftertaste” is part of the cultural project “Room 0003_Lines of Flight”, co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and financed by ARCUB-The Bucharest Council Cultural Centre and Bucharest Municipality through the programme “You are Bucharest”.

What can happen if you split one second of your life into nanoseconds? Will it be possible to hang your thoughts in space and time and let them float away?

Aftertaste is a science fiction dance installation in which the body becomes unformed, unorganized, disjointed, made up of infinite particles of information creating an impression of a constant coming back. It may be the map of madness, a performance with no beginning and no ending where the body constantly returns to zero and beyond zero.

Aftertaste is the third virtual room of Tangaj Collective’s serial technological dance project in which two dancers are asked to completely depersonalize, to work with dissociation of meaning, to create a different reality governed by random rules. The information travels with multiple speeds, forward and backward, through their bodies and the sound machines. In order to see the world they may have to stop the world.

Simona Deaconescu is a young emerging choreographer with training in dance and film directing. In 2014 she received the danceWEB scholarship, offered by Life Long Burning Network. She is the artistic director of Tangaj Dance Collective, a group of interdisciplinary artists and cultural managers known for performances as “0001|The Dream Factory” and “0002|Birdville”, the awarded dance film “Silent Places”, Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, Dance Film Platform and co-producers of X Platform. Simona is interested in researching the technology of the body, coordinating the coaching program I.D.M.P.A. (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts) in the frame of GROWASP and regularly developing her own dance technique – the floating body, as a teacher for professionals and amateurs in Bucharest and abroad. Her performances were showcased in Bucharest, Cluj, Craiova, New York and Istanbul and the dance film “Silent Places” was selected and awarded in more than 20 festivals from Europe, USA and Asia.