01.11 | 21:00 | WASP black box


Coordinator: Valentina De Piante Niculae
Choreography and research: Valentina De Piante Niculae, Valentina Dal Mas
Written recordings:  Brailleway
Sound recordings: Christian Marchi
Piano: Silvia Ioana Niculae
Production: Asociația 4 Culture, WASP – Working Art Space & Production, Jardin d’Europe
With the support of: Istituto Italiano di Cultura “ Vitto Grasso”- Bucuresti , C32- Forte Marghera, Avenal ADS-Cervignano del Friuli


The project was born from a perspective of research on trespassing between body, image and sound. It’s a study of time: on memory and timelessness of processes which, although old, can re-emerge in the present. It is also a study on space and on the matter of memory: on the crossing of corporeal, auditory and imaginary experiences and densities which the body has known.

“I like the beat of light, the vital breath of the wind-soul and then also the nothingness, the moments when everything disappears, invisibility of the thing, which then attracts attention again to tell us at an even deeper level, what can not be seen except with the soul.”

Valentina De Piante Niculae is a choreographer and dancer, has a PhD in performing arts, and is also assistant-teacher at the choreography department at UNATC I.L. Caragiale, Bucharest. She holds lectures in universities and research insitutions such as the Theater and Arts College in Iași, National Dance Centre, Babeș Boyai College in Cluj, the Arts University in Târgu Mureș. In 2009 she participated, along with Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, Jan Kopp and Jennifer Lacey at the TTT – Teaching The Teachers – Bucharest workshop, and in 2013 at the TTT pedagogical platform in Budapest. Starting in the autumn of 2013, she will begin a Feldenkrais method course, at the Feldenkrais Institute – Milan 8, to become a practicioner of the method.

Brailleway, Gaetano Liberti’s artistic name,  was born in Rovereto (Italy) in 1983 from an Istrian mother and a Neapolitan father. After finishing the Arts School in Trento in 2004 he attends the High Training Course for the Actor conducted by Cesare Ronconi (Teatro Valdoca), and he begins a personal research on the use of the body, physical movement, voice and sound. From 2005 to 2008 he works as actor for Teatro Valdoca in Paesaggio con fratello rotto – trilogia as well as in special projects. In 2006 he works as actor for Motus in A place, [that again]. Since 2006 he is working with the artistic collective Opera. In 2005 he created Brailleway, an identity by which he produces filmworks and installations and research on new devices. He collaborates and has worked with various contemporary realities in the Italian and international theatre and artistic panorama. At the moment part of his investigation focuses on the sound, the boundaries of the cinema-device, the remembrance, the frame and the off-screen.

Valentina Dal Mas. From 2006 to 2008 follows a professional dance training  under the guidance of Ornella Pegoraro, Barbara Canal and Francesca Foscarini at the Center for Training Dance Schio (VI). In April 2008, obtains the EAT for contemporary dance in Marseille1. In Paris mainly studies with Dominique Uber, Lola Keraly, Serge Ricci, Rosalind Crisp, Susan Buirge, Nina Dipla and Carolyn Carlson. She also approaches theater and works with the Collettivo teatrale Livello 4. “futuri voli”, one of its perfomances, was selected to participate to the Fringe Festival in Rome last June. She is interpreter of the show “Medea”, company fatebenesorelle of Patricia Zanco; she is involved in the artistic residence “Body inside” at c32performingartworkspace with the choreographer Valentina De Piante; she participates in WEYA (World Event Young Artists) in Nottingham (UK) presenting the solo Tanzformation, choreographed by Christiana Battistella. Together with Marianna Andrigo, she is a performer of 21, a group of performers and electronic musicians. She passes the audition at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan for the opera Nabucco, choreography Simona Bucci, Director ‘s Orchestra Claudio Abbado. At the moment she is working with Michela Lucenti, choreographer and artistic director of “Balletto Civile“ in Parma. In her daily practise she integrates the practices of the Feldenkrais Method and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

Christian Marchi was born in Rovereto (Italia) in 1975. Five-year technical diploma achieved in 1994. In 1998, course for theatre technicians (sound operator) organized by the European Social Found in Bolzano (Italia). The great interest on sound was confronted with the practice both on a physical as well as on a theoretical point of view. Since 1999, sound engineer and sound designer for theaters. Sound recordings and samples for feature films, short films and radio. Field recordings, acousmatic compositions, soundscapes; analysis, study and processing of recordings. Technical and theoretical researches on practices and methodologies for sampling, reflections on the meaning of playing real sounds through the speakers. Relations with electronic music and musique concrète. Phonographic researches and reversals to digital, audio restoration.