Choreography & concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: Maxwell McCarthy , Yohei Yamada, Flora Wellesley Wesley
Music: Noid / Fritz Welch

We are the monsters is a performance with and for children. Created in December 2011, the performance was created through numerous residencies and presentations; the performance lasts 25 minutes and is followed by a participatory workshop of about 1 hour, for children aged 4 to 8.

We are the monsters represents a microcosm of society where different creatures inhabit a shared space. This space is a landscape built out of cardboard boxes; in contrast to the figures, these objects suggest the ‘homemade’ and an experience of everyday life.

My interest in monstrous form and transformation stems from an attempt to reach beyond the limitations of the human form to create new bodily images, physical logics and ways of moving. Monstrous figures are created when the human body is turned upside down, back to front, distorted, extended and dissolved by devices such as extra limbs and costuming. These new representations are opening up an imaginary field and an experience of perceptual shift for the viewer.

The aim of the workshop is using movement, drawing, live music, images and props to explore the Idea of what makes bodies different or monster like creating a link with what participants have just seen in the performance.

Taxa workshop + performance: 10 ron/ copil
Inscrieri: workshops@exploredancefestival.ro

Colette Sadler was born in Glasgow in 1974. Trained in Classical Ballet at the Scottish Ballet, then completed a BA (Hons) at the Laban centre London. On graduation she was a member of Transitions Dance Company 94. She worked Internationally as a dancer between 1995‐2002 with choreographers including Jeremy James, Liz Aggis, Bebeto di Cidra and Cia Vicente Saez. Returning to Glasgow in 2002, she began to develop her own choreographic work creating a number of solo works in collaboration with CCA, TRAMWAY Glasgow and NRLA /New Territories festival. Since 2006 she is based mainly in Berlin and regularly tours her work to festivals and venues across Europe. In 2009 she was International associate artist at Dance Ireland in Dublin and since 2010 works in association with Dance 4 UK. Since 2007, she focuses mainly on the creation of group works in collaboration with independent dancers, musicians and visual artists. Choreographic works since 2007 include The Making of Doubt (2008, co‐produced by TRAMWAY), Musical (2009, co‐produced by NPN joint adventures Munich), I not I (2011, co‐produced by Jardin d’Europe), Variations One (2012) (on order and anarchy (co‐produced by Dance4 UK) and We are the monsters, a still in progress performance work for children (supported by Tanz Haus NRW Dusseldorf and Tanz Nacht Berlin). In autumn 2013 she will be in residency at Critical Path in Sydney Australia. Alongside her choreographic work, she works on a freelance basis giving workshops at institutions including the Royal Conservatoire Glasgow and HZT (BA course) Berlin.

The presentation of We are the monsters in Bucharest is supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag



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