BODY OF GRACE | Valentina de Piante (RO/IT)

22 & 23.10.2015 | 19:30 | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION

Duration: 130`

foto BodyOfGrace_traces

Body of grace is made out of two moments which cross two different spaces: 1 hour of performance, 15 minutes break and a 20 minutes documentary.

The project emerged from a research journey which goes beyond the limits between body, image and sound. It is a study on time because it speaks about the memory and timelessness of processes which, although old, can re-emerge in the present. It is a study on space because it speaks about the crossing of corporeal, auditory and imaginary experiences of the body. Through exploration, the human being reveals its multiple identity, through different stages situated between chaos – order – clutter – harmony.

“I like the beat of light, the vital breath of the wind-soul and then also the nothingness, the moments when everything disappears, the invisibility of that thing which attracts attention again to tell us, at an even deeper level, about those things which are visible only with the soul.”

Valentina De Piante Niculae is an Assistant Lector of Theatre and Performative Arts, a project coordinator, choreographer, researcher and performer. She has the ATM expertise in Feldenkrais®, a method which works with the reorganization of the neuromotor schemes. She is a teacher of choreographic writing and somatic education, giving lectures as a guest speaker within various academic and pedagogic research events. Valentina was part of TTT – Teaching The Teachers Bucharest(2009) and TTT Budapest(2013). In 2015, together with Phd. Neurologist  Researcher, Radu Dop, and Phd. Psychologist Lecturer, Ovidiu Brăzdău,  she organized lectures followed by intensive body practices. She was involved, as  Romanian expert, in Tandem Dance, a European project dedicated to performers and visually impaired people.