SYMPOSIUM | Elisabeth B. Tambwe (AT)

24 & 25.10.2015 | 19:30 | WASP – WORKING ART SPACE AND PRODUCTION

Duration: 75’

The performance will be followed by an artist talk

Concept / Choreography: Elisabeth B. Tambwe
Performance / Dance: Elisabeth B. Tambwe, Adriana Cubides, Radek Hewelt
Dramaturgy: Johannes Mailes
Theoretical Consulting: Baria Mourad
Scenography: Elisabeth B. Tambwe, Grégory Crapet
Object Design / Installation: Grégory Crapet
Video / Sound Technician: Nicolas Spencer
Technical Assistance: Johannes Mailes
Light Design: Peter Thalhammer
Research Support: Alex Mabes, Benoit Jouan
Production / Tour Management: Claire Granier
Production: Dig Up Productions
Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien, DanceWEB in the frame of Life Long Burning
Kindly Supported by: the Culture Department of the City of Vienna (MA7) and the Cultural Program of the European Union
Special Thanks to: Nada Local Studio
Photo credit: Christopher Ohmeyer
The performance is presented in the frame of eXplore festival with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum from Bucharest.

Symposium by Elisabeth B. Tambwe is a dance performance/stage installation for five dancers-performers and one technical assistant. It is based on the overcoming of barriers between different artistic practices with the incorporation of post-colonial political aspects using movement, sound, video and text passages. Her performance explores the relationship between ethnocentrism and exclusion, socio-cultural affiliations and historiography that are always subject to ideological distortions.”

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe was born in Kinshasa (DRC) and grows up in France where she studies Fine Arts. In 1998 she obtains her Master degree in Plastic Arts with honors for her work of sculpture at the Tourcoing School of the Arts (FR). As a performer she has collaborated with among others Serge-Aymé Coulibaly, George Momboye, Graciane Finzi, Faustin Lyniékula, Robyn Orlin, Amanda Piña and Oleg Soulimenko. Her reflection in Fine Arts is based on organic architecture and her choreographic work is essentially oriented towards the sensitive and fragile dimension of the body. At the center of her work lies the critique to the concept of normality that she considers to be tyrannical and degrading.

Spectacolul este prezentat în cadrul festivalului cu sprijinul Forumului Cultural Austriac din București.